Bigfish. Big impact.

Bigfish is one of the market leaders in the Netherlands in the field of premium 2D and 3D animation content. Top quality with smart content and unique images. Strong brands want to get noticed, reach their target group and tell their story. In other words, strong brands deserve powerful content. In other words, strong brands deserve powerful content. We know how to get noticed, create real impact and move people.

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Moving content on websites or social media, it is everywhere, and everyone sees it. Excellent work stands out. This is why we only make top-quality animations. Pushing the limits of what is possible and leading the field, because then animations are really seen. We work with a large, energetic team of in-house illustrators, motion designers, copywriters and storytellers.

Each and every one of our animations is made to measure. From content to image: we write and animate precisely in line with your brand identity. Always unique, excellent and original. For corporate, product or service … we clarify, amplify, simplify and astonish. The results are animations with major impact for online, advertising and social media.

Some of our clients

Our packages. All options.


Elegant and striking

  • Basic animation
  • Custom basic Illustrations
  • Music
  • Basic Sound Effects
  • Basic Voice-over


To the point and exclusive

  • Extensive animation
  • Unique advanced Illustrations
  • Music
  • Extensive sound effects
  • Voice-over


Top of the food chain

  • Next level animation video (2D and/or 3D)
  • Unique Next level visuals (2D and/or 3D)
  • Composed music
  • Extensive sound effects
  • Voice actor / voice-over
  • Sky is the limit

Social Snack

Boost your penetration on social media

  • Unique animations
  • Music
  • Sound effects
  • Available In all desired formats
  • Optimized for Social Channels

Choose quality. Done and dusted.

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