Create an explanimation video with studio Bigfish

Would you like to create an explanimation? Bigfish specializes in creating unique and premium explanimation animations. Bigfish Animation creates, invents and creates 2D and 3D explainers that are always tailor-made.

Our method for an explanimation

When making an explanimation video, we work according to a number of clear steps.

  • We start with an introductory meeting
  • You inform us about your corporate identity, the products or service (s) and the USP thereof. In addition, we would like to hear what the purpose of the explanimation is.
  • Our copywriters then start working on the development of a script and voice-over text based on your input. You will of course be given the opportunity to tighten this up.
  • Once the voice-over text has been approved, we will start developing a storyboard. This step also gives you enough room to adjust things. We also send a key visual that shows what the visual style of the explanimation video can become.
  • When everything is approved, we develop all the visuals.
  • Only then do we start animating the explainer.
  • You will then receive a first draft (without sound design) with background music and voice-over. You can also provide feedback on this.
  • After processing any feedback, we will make the clip final. Hereby the last step is to add sound design for even more impact. You will receive a download link with the explanimation video in various formats. You can proudly present the explainer directly to your target group.

The perfect voice for your explanimation

We have a very large database and voice-over actors within every budget. You will receive a number of suggestions so that we can always come to the perfect voice for your explanimation. The animation in combination with the sound effects and background music will be even more convincing.

If you let us make your explanimation, we can simplify your message clearly, effectively and simply for your target group within 1 minute. Bigfish Animation uses the power of image, text and sound to convey information with a lot of impact. Our starting point is to convert your story into an original explanimation that fits your company, corporate identity and target group. Interested? Contact us immediately!

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Bighfish focuses on the core of the story and to communicate it as simply as possible to the target audience.

Our explanimations fully fit the corporate identity of your organization. Our explanation experts and animators have years of experience in making great and simple animation films for a large group of customers.

You can use the explanimation on-line, internally or for marketing campaigns and sales presentations.
We deliver the animation movies in any desired format.

Bigfish has the advantage of working with fixed prices and clear agreements.
We always make your explanimation video for an agreed price in advance.
That way there is clarity for both you and us.

We can also assist you with advice about your explanimation. A thorough marketing advice on how you can best use the explanimation on your website or elsewhere on-line.

Our disciplines:

  • Explanation animations
  • Explanimation
  • Infographics
  • Visual consultancy
  • Videomarketing
  • Explanations
  • Explanation videos
  • 2D animation video
  • 3D animation video
  • Commercials
  • Corporate movies
  • Explanation movies
  • Animation video

Request quotation:

We do not like surprises afterwards and work with fixed project prices.
After an intake interview, we can formulate this together with you.
Would you like to create an explanimation? Fill in the contact formand request a quote immediately!

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