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Our animations are always made-to-measure. The development of an animation is an important navigation process. During that process we determine the style and complexity of illustrating, we write texts, we make a script and we animate all moving images. Details, sounds, length and design all have important roles to play. From simplistic and tight to very complex and extensive. So you can choose from the different packages to suit. These packages consist of the number of hours that we can put into your production for the most optimal end result. Contact us for the indicative prices and possibilities.


Elegant and striking


  • Basic animation
  • Custom basic Illustrations
  • Music
  • Basic Sound Effects
  • Basic Voice-over


To the point and exclusive


  • Extensive animation
  • Unique advanced Illustrations
  • Music
  • Extensive sound effects
  • Voice-over


Top of the food chain


  • Next level animation video (2D and/or 3D)
  • Unique Next level visuals (2D and/or 3D)
  • Composed music
  • Extensive sound effects
  • Voice actor / voice-over
  • Sky is the limit

Social Snack

Boost your penetration on social media

  • Unique animations
  • Music
  • Sound effects
  • Available In all desired formats
  • Optimized for Social Channels

Choose quality. Done and dusted.

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